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We’re Looking for Head Coaches!

USA Deaf Volleyball is looking for head coaches to lead the indoor women’s and men’s national teams! 

The head coach is a volunteer position responsible to lead their respective National Volleyball Team for all international and domestic competitions for the 2023 – 2025 Deaflympic cycle. This also includes recruiting, organizing tryouts, and hosting training camps to bring USADVB Indoor National Teams to a higher level!


  1. Prepare, lead, and coach the National Volleyball Team for international and domestic competitions for the current Deaflympic cycle (2023 – 2025).
    • PanAmerican Games – Date & Location TBD in 2023
    • 5th World Deaf Volleyball Championships – June 21-30, 2024 in Okinawa, Japan
    • 25th Summer Deaflympics – November 15-26, 2025 in Tokyo, Japan
  2. Identify and recruit potential athletes, establishing a pipeline for the National Volleyball Team.
  3. Organize tryouts and collaborate with an Athlete Evaluation Committee for evaluation and selection for the National Volleyball team.
  4. Host training camps for athletes, attend tournaments, and any other events to advance the National Volleyball team and future prospective athletes.
  5. Work with the Director of Indoor Teams for logistical and financial planning and ordering of team apparel.
  6. Work with USADVB Social Media Coordinator for any press releases, social media posts, and advertising.


  1. Years of experience in the field of coaching volleyball on both international and domestic levels.
  2. Possess a successful track in coaching volleyball. This ranges from successful player development, leading a team in recruiting and planning, and to wins/championships.
  3. Credentials in areas such as coach certification, training, teaching, sports medicine, etc.
  4. Years of experience in playing volleyball on all levels.
  5. Years of experience in associating with deaf and hard of hearing athletes in volleyball
  6. Ability to communicate with all deaf/hard of hearing athletes. Possessing some sign language skills is a plus. USADVB is willing to work with you to ensure communication access is achieved for the entire team
  7. Pass a criminal background check.


  1. Be 25 years of age or older.
  2. Have a valid basic first aid, CPR, and/or coach’s safety training card.
  3. Be or become a member of USA Volleyball and USA Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF).
  4. Complete Safe Sport training as mandated by USADSF within 6 months

If interested, please email your application packet to Cory Behm at [email protected] no later than December 23, 2022. The packet should include the following: 

Other Opportunities

USA Deaf Volleyball is still looking for interested individuals to volunteer for the positions below. If you are interested, please email your interest along with your resume to Lynn Ray Boren at [email protected].

  • At-Large Board Members (3)
    • We are looking for three at-large board members. They can be a former athlete or coach, someone with a niche skill to contribute to USADVB. The skill could include a strong volleyball knowledge, leading a non-profit organization, marketing and public relations (to include social media and website development), or any other skill to support the growth of USADVB as a whole.
  • Public Relations Coordinator
    • Manage all USADVB social media accounts, website, communication, and press releases. Develop appropriate materials and content for marketing, social media posts, and USADVB’s website. Work closely with USADSF during any domestic and international events to ensure media coverage. Work closely with USADVB Executive Director for marketing/sponsorship pitches.

USADVB is a volunteer-based organization and all of these positions are volunteer positions. While these positions are volunteer positions, it is expected for each individual to remain committed to the program until the end of the Deaflympic cycle in 2025. Additional considerations are given to those who have some of the following qualifications:

1. Years of running or coaching volleyball on both international and domestic levels.

2. Credentials such as coach certificate, training, teaching, sports medicine, etc.

3. Experience in working with deaf and hard of hearing athletes in volleyball or any other aspect.

4. Possessing some ability to communicate in sign language is a plus.

5. Pass a criminal background check.

Research shows that people tend to apply only if they meet 100% of the criteria. We are committed to leveling the playing field, and we encourage all people including women, people of color, and those in the LGBTQ+ community to apply for positions even if they do not necessarily check every box outlined in the job description. 

USADVB’s committee is composed of the current Team Director, Women’s Head Coach & Assistant Coach, former and current USADVB athletes, and our current social media coordinator. The committee will review and interview all applicants and select the best candidate that fits our revamped vision for 2022-2025.