National Teams

USADVB is proud to support a total of six National Teams along with a youth program.  Our National Teams consists of the following:

  • Indoor Women’s Team
  • Indoor Men’s Team
  • Beach Women Teams A & B
  • Beach Men Teams A & B


USADVB’s indoor teams are composed of the nation’s best deaf/hard of hearing volleyball players. We strive to work with clubs, colleges, and adult leagues to recruit volleyball players. Our indoor teams travel internationally to compete in PanAmerican Games, World Deaf Volleyball Championships, and the Deaflympics. We are currently in the process of recruiting head coaches and players for our National Teams.  


Beach Volleyball is one of the world’s fastest growing sports and yet the growth is not evident in the deaf and hard of hearing community. We want to pave the way for our future generations of deaf beach volleyball athletes. Our Beach program’s goal is to recruit new prospective athletes, support the youth program’s development for beach volleyball, and send our teams to compete at the Deaflympics. 


Our Youth Program focuses on providing camps to both female and male junior volleyball athletes from the age of 14 to 19, establishing a pipeline for the National Teams. The program also will aim to send a youth team to any youth tournaments or competitions.

Send us an email if you’re interested to be a part of USA Deaf Volleyball!